Nicopolis Chunya National Children’s Centre (NCNCC)

Nicopolis is currently raising funds to build a sustainable and environmental friendly national secure children’s center for children with albinism that will cater for 80 children initially.

NCNCC will use renewal energy, environmental friendly and sustainable materials will be used in its construction. The architectural design of the center will be focused towards a less institutional design but a homely and therapeutic design, with very high low vision and wheel chair accessibility features. It is hoped that the center will be a place where these traumatized children will find love and acceptance.

NCNCChas to be built secure to guard against the numerous kidnappings and abduction of children with albinism, for either killing or chopping off body parts for the witchcraft body parts black market trade. The center will not be an orphanage since these children are not orphans but are abandoned and rejected by their own birth families.

There are many rejected and abandoned children with albinism in Tanzania, our initial project is targeted towards these vulnerable children. The center will take the most vulnerable children from every Region in Tanzania. Furthermore the center will be a national drop-in center for any unwanted babies with albinism; babies will be taken without any questions being asked. It will actually be possible to drop in an unwanted baby with albinism safely and unanimously.

The NCNCC will be constructed in Chunya Town on 5 acres from the 44 acres of land donated by the Chunya District Council of Mbeya Region. The other 39 acres will in future be developed with facilities to benefit the wider disadvantaged communities within the District of Chunya.

Phase 1

The first phase of the project will be the construction of a sustainable modern multi-purpose center that can accommodate 80 unwanted, neglected or abandoned children, babies and toddlers with albinism, from the ages of 0 to 5 years old. It is envisaged that the center will use low vision cutting technology in school to be constructed: Phase 1 of the project will have the following facilities:

  • Children’s Home
  • Pre-school & School
  • Secure Outdoor Children Play Area
  • Medical Centre/Clinic
  • Staff & Volunteers Accommodation

Ifumbo Village Primary Health Care Clinic & Maternity

In ifumbo Village the villagers are disparate for a medical centre/clinic, the nearest hospital is 30 km away in Chunya Town and there is no direct public transport link between Ifubmo Village and the District of Ifubmo. The villagers has donated two disused warehouse the larger one to be converted into a Primary Health Care Clinic and the smaller one into a Maternity/Women’s Health Centre. The superstructure of the warehouse is good; there is no water or electricity connection.


The Large Dis-Used Warehouse to converted into Primary Health Care Clinic in Ifumbo Village

The Smaller Dis-Used Warehouse to be converted into a Maternity/Women’s Centre