How To Help

Life in Tanzania for children and young people with albinism is like a death sentence:

  • They are hunted for their limbs, that are hacked off for sale on the black market as it is believed that they have magical powers when mixed with a witchdoctor’s magic (// )
  • They are rejected, stigmatized, and ridiculed and often abandoned by their immediate families, their communities and society in general
  • Extremely high skin cancer rates amongst children and adults with albinism due to an inability to be able to afford sunblock and suitable clothing that provide adequate protection from the direct sun, make it high possibility that if children with albinism escapes from the body parts hunters, skin cancer will most like them
  • Extreme poverty levels the United Nations states that people with albinism survives on less than US$1 that is if they are lucky, they have been made social outcast in their own nation, no one is willing to give them a job

They are so many ways that you can help to support these disadvantaged albinism community in Tanzania.


We are requesting donations towards the construction of this center of any amount, no amount is too small, every little will definitely help, even donations for amounts as little as US$1 will go a long way helping provide safety, comfort and wellbeing to these innocent vulnerable children. We welcome one off donations or regular donations. Donations can be made via the Donate Button on this website.

We also welcome any material donations of anything that could be used in the Center, such as:

  • Good used children’s clothes & toys
  • English children’s books
  • Furniture
  • Medical Equipment & Drugs for the Medical Centre
  • Medical Professionals volunteering their skills
  • Computers, Printers, Scanners, etc.
  • Vehicles
  • Volunteering including professional skills
  • Supporting Fund Raising in your local community
  • We are open to invitations worldwide to either speak at Fund Raising Events for this Project and Events that raises awareness to the challenges faced by the albinism community in Tanzania. We might require assistance with airfares and accommodation cost.

All donations in kind and materials can be sent direct to Tanzania to the following address:

PO Box 1716