How You Can Make a Difference

By sponsoring or adopting a child or young person with albinism in Tanzania, you can positively influence the youngster’s life. You will not only be providing them with access to resources to improve their health, well being, and education but also give them hope for the future.


Any amount you give for sponsorship of a child with albinism will make a significant positive impact regardless of how small the amount might be,’ every little will definitely help’.We welcome donations of any amount regardless of how small, even US$1 is important towards supporting these vulnerable children.


By adopting or fostering a youth or young child with albinism, you can set his or her life in Tanzania onto a more stable path that includes compassion, better health, education, and safety. For the many albinism children who have been abandoned by their families early in life, adoption can be what gives them a brighter future. Their lives are at risk immediately after birth and adoption can be a life saver.

We recognize the difficulty of finding families who are willing to risk their safety in society by taking in a child with albinism in Tanzania. Some schools are even said to be unwilling to take in these children because of the difficulties and challenges associated with having them in their schools. We ask you to consider helping make an albinism child’s future brighter.