About Us

‘Nicopolis Ltd is a Christian Social Enterprise (Not for Profit) ‘Limited by Guarantee’ company incorporated in the United Kingdom, registered and operating in the United Republic of Tanzania as an NGO. The Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Nicopolis Rob James, is himself a person with albinism.While Nicopolis is a Christian Organization, our services are available to all, we do not discriminate in our service provision based on religion, gender, ethnicity or any other backgrounds.

Our National Offices are based in rural setting, in Chunya District of Mbeya Region. Our vision is to improve the educational outcome and health well being of children and young people with albinism in Tanzania, by providing direct suitable educational, health, vocational training programs, self-employment projects and programs.

Our Primary Objective

Supporting children and young people with albinism and their families. The Nicopolis vision is to improve the educational attainment and health well being of children with albinism in the Region of Chunya and throughout the nation of Tanzania.

Our Secondary Objective

In supporting disadvantaged groups and communities in the areas we serve and operate.

In the Village of Ifumbo in Chunya District the villagers are desperate for a health care centre, the nearest medical facility is 30 kilometres away. The challenging part is that there is no direct public transport to the nearest health care facility. Nicopolis is in the process of converting to disused warehouses in the village one into a Primary Health Care Clinic and the other into a Maternity & Women’s Health Centre.